Company Profile

The management of SPSC have a combined experience in the design of aquatic safety technology of more than 20 years gaining a full understanding of all the elements and issues of swimming pools and water park construction and operation.


Rob White, Director of SPSC, was the pioneer of SwimGuard the first UK commercially available underwater video based safety system for swimmers back in 1996, in response to a tragic and unnecessary drowning where the lifeguard was unable to spot a young child sinking to the bottom of the pool, right in front of them. The lifeguard’s human capability was compromised by the inability to see through the glare and specular reflection on the surface of the water.  Unfortunately this was a double fatality as the lifeguard was unable to comes to terms with the incident and ended with her taking her own life. This was almost 20 years ago, and by today’s standards, the technology then was crude, but it did set precedence and continues to be proven and adopted by leisure management operators, local authority and privately run facilities.


SPSC is an ethical company with the purpose of providing pool safety technology to help prevent drownings around the world in public access pools.  SPSC believe technology does have a place in dramatically improving the overall safety of a pool by adding an extra layer of protection and endeavour to work closely with operators and lifeguards to integrate the technology.

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Mission & Values

It is SPSC's mission to be at the forefront of drowning and risk reduction in public access pools the world over by leading the innovation and development of operator driven pool safety technologies.  Our aim is to have a positive impact and actively make a difference by ensuring our pool safety technology is available to pool operators around the world regardless of the type of pool facility they operate.



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