AngelEye Hotel

AngelEye Hotel is a drowning detection alarm system specifically created to meet the typical requirements of hotels, small commercial and residential pools.

The system works effectively using overhead cameras which incorporate special sensors and infra-red lights, underwater cameras or a combination of both.  The AngelEye detection software is able to analyse any unusual movements or other pre-set conditions by pool users which may indicate a person requires assistance and may be at risk of drowning.  If an alarm is generated the system will immediately alert lifeguards or responders via a Smart Phone.   The system works on a dedicated wireless network and gives the lifeguards or responders freedom to move around the building yet still be notified if an alarm is generated.  Alarms can also be sent to personal computers, tablets or any mobile phone, as well as having the capability to interface with existing alarm systems, BMS  or public address systems.

Installation is simple usually only taking one week; if underwater lights are already present these can be replaced with a combined camera and white LED illuminators.

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Benefits of AngelEye Hotel

Fully automated system.

All pool users monitored continually.

Highest level of pool safety.

Enhances current supervision regimes.

Gives early warning to lifeguards or responders.

Does not require regular pool side supervision.


  • Software is monitored 24/7 and updates are automatically sent via the AngelEye server
  • Can monitor a number of pools on one system
  • Alarms can be sent to multiple devices
  • Wireless Palm devices for lifeguards/responders
  • System can be accessed via Internet



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