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The AngelEye computer vision drowning detection system is a state-of-the-art underwater monitoring and advanced warning system designed to enhance swimmer safety and lifeguarding operations.Using the advanced, underwater camera system and artificial intelligence software (AI), all swimmers are monitored simultaneously regardless of the bather load. AngelEye detects potential submersion risks in a matter seconds, notifying lifeguards/responders through wireless smart devices.

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AngelEye tracks every swimmer in a single or multi-pool configuration, at the location it is needed most—in the water and in areas of greatest danger.


AngelEye has advanced AI software and monitoring system analyses swimmer behaviour and detects non-movement or irregular movement, which could lead to a situation where the swimmer may require assistance. At this point an alarm is generated.


The warning alarm is transmitted via the AngelEye network, using AngelEye smart watch technology. The smart watch displays a snap shot image and location of the swimmer in difficulty

AngelEye Camera

The ‘eye’ of the AngelEye system is an integrated camera that combines efficient LED lights and a video camera that is able to track the most subtle movements of swimmers in the water.

The cameras are exceptionally durable and provide a clear view of critical areas, such as the bottom, areas around edges and ledges, and near drains and grates. They are also compliant with the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) and national and international competition standards.

In most configurations, AngelEye can be installed in a pool’s existing light niches without having to drain the facility, thereby reducing the time and costs of installation.

Drowning Detection Software

The drowning recognition software developed by AngelEye is based on the most innovative technologies, more than 1000 software algorithms that process in real time more than 20 images per second, coming from each of the cameras installed in the pool tank,

Smart Alarms

AngelEye is capable of integrating a series of devices to promptly report any type of danger and avoid any unpleasant accident. These include smartwatches that can provide the bathing assistant with a real-time image and position of the danger, but also handhelds, screens, sirens and lighting systems.


How can we help you introduce AngelEye into your pool?

We are exclusive distributors for AngelEye in the UK, Eire and the UAE. If you would like to learn more about AngelEye and how you can improve your safety and operational procedures, visit our AngelEye FAQ section or simply get in touch with us.

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