Aquatic Ride Control

Aquatic Ride Control is an active flume ride control designed to reduce the risk of rider collision and injury by ensuring the safe throughput of riders. 

It is a flume traffic light system which shows red when a flume is in use and green when it is clear. 

Aquatic Ride Control can be further enhanced by incorporating our flume Rider Time Display. Designed to increase the riders enjoyment and experience whilst attracting and retaining more customers it times each rider so when they reach the run out their ride time is displayed on a sealed display unit.  Very popular with children and adults to see who can get the fastest time!



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Benefits of Aquatic Ride Control

Significantly reduces the risk of a collision occurring.

Assists lifeguards to manage large volumes of riders.

Suitable for all flume types including straight, gravity, multi zone or powered.

Ride Timer Display add on available.



Installation Process

1. Arrange site meeting to agree with client locations of all main components of the system

2. Obtain thorough understanding of flume construction, size & type

3. First fix works including any penetrations for the installation including all containment

4. Second fix works & installation of all cable

5. Fit all hardware & sensor systems

6. Commissioning includes final terminations & testing operation with riders in the flume

7. Provision of training on system use and basic maintenance


  • Reduces risk of rider collision and injury
  • Suitable for all flume types
  • Compliant with electrical regulations
  • Multiple Aquatic Ride Controls can be stacked together for multiple rides
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Ride timer display can be incorporated



  • 'I would have no hesitation in recommending SPSC to future customers for consideration for issues requiring advice or supply of technology based safety equipment for the aquatics industry'

    David M White, Vice President of Business Development
    Westport Pools, USA

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