De Vere are the latest operator to adopt the Aquatic Ride Control (ARC) system to improve the safety of riders of the flume at one of their prestigious Hotels in Scotland.

The De Vere group of Hotels are one of the largest chains in the UK boasting 65 locations over 4 brands; De Vere Hotels, De Vere Venues, De Vere Villages and De Vere Lodges.

SPSC were at their stunning Cameron House Hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland to install an ARC on the flume.



The ARC is an active ride control designed to reduce the risk of rider collision and injury when riding flumes.

ARC is a traffic light system which shows green when a ride is clear and red when it is in use which ensures the safe throughput of riders in all flume types whether they are straight, gravity, powered or multi – zone.

To ensure maximum safety the light remains on red until the rider exits the ride then a pre-set exit delay timer operates and changes the light back to green.

The ARC can be further enhanced by adding a Ride Timer Display which digitally displays the time individual riders took to get through the flume. This is a very popular add on which keeps customers coming back for more.

SPSC are pleased to be at the forefront of drowning and risk reduction technology and continue to play their part in reducing the number of incidents in public access pools the world over.

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