Markets we serve

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Our safety solutions serve all kinds of pool types and shapes whether there are full time lifeguards present or not. A single AngelEye drowning detection system can effectively manage several pools within one facility. The level of safety is never compromised only enhanced when you engage with us.

Health Club Pools

Keep your members and your business safe. Achieve the highest levels of safety reducing all risks. Our systems serve and seamlessly integrate both in lifeguarded and non-lifeguarded pools.


Leisure Pools

Leisure Pools pose unique challenges for lifeguards such as complex shapes, multiple blindspots, turbulent water, water features and specular reflection. We help you tackle these challenges and achieve your safety objectives.

High End Residential

Keep your residents safe with around the clock monitoring of your facilities. Our systems reduce lone bather risk and send immediate alerts when a swimmer is in imminent danger.

Hotel Pools

Delight your guests and keep them safe around the clock without compromising on mobility of your staff. Operate a safer pool and comply with local guidelines and legislation.

How can we keep your pool safe?

We are committed to delivering pool safety solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs and helping you accomplish regulatory and operational excellence.

Simply get in touch with us to learn more about how we can make your pool safer.

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