Company Values

Our clients are important to us, we constantly interact with them to develop new products; we pride ourselves on our professional, personal approach which has led to us becoming the trusted provider to many pool operators in the UK and abroad.  We listen to our clients, evaluate their needs, understand their problems, then we work in partnership with them from system design, configuration and installation through to commissioning, handover and training.


Exceeding Expectations - We develop on-going relationships with clients, and support them throughout the sales process and beyond.  We like to stay in touch to ensure everything is running smoothly and to our clients satisfaction. 

Innovation - It is important to listen to our clients not only to ensure we deliver them the correct solution, but to enable us to develop new innovative products which exactly meet our client's requirements.

Quality - We always deliver a quality, personal service from initial contact through to After Sales Support.

Integrity - We will always provide open and honest advice, and make the most appropriate, informed recommendations based on our clients concerns to arrive at the correct solution.

Ethics - SPSC continue to work with many international bodies on water safety issues and reducing the number of drowning's and serious injury worldwide.  We dedicate our time to providing expert knowledge and experience at conferences and seminars.  We always work hard to be as environmentally efficient within our workplace, with our vehicles on the road, and whilst working on site.  We are always sensitive to our client's environmental policies and adhere to them where possible.  SPSC work hard to maintain high standards of Health & Safety practices within our own premises and on site.  It is important our clients have peace of mind their Health & Safety procedures will be adhered to when we are on their site.

Value - Here at SPSC we value every member of our team.  Our culture is built around listening to one another, actively encouraging innovation, and allowing employees to bring ideas forward.  We believe this helps us to build a motivated and dedicated team who work hard to exceed client expectations.


  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Value