Leisure Industry: The future is smarter.

COVID-19 has flipped business models from physical-first to digital-first. The natural question is – What is the future of the Leisure Industry? Most importantly how can you future proof your businesses to not only safely return to the ‘old normal’ but achieve new efficiencies and excel customer expectations? As hotels, gyms and leisure centres are reopening across the country, we discuss how Drowning Detection Systems (DDS) can not only help you keep your visitors safe but enable you to work smarter.

What are Drowning Detection Systems?

How can Drowning Detection System support your business? Before going into this in more detail it is important to understand what they are. Simply put Drowning Detection Systems carry out three crucial tasks:

  1. Monitor all swimmers within a pool
  2. Detect a pool user in difficulty
  3. Raise an alarm

This is usually done through either underwater or above water cameras placed in and around the pool. A wide range of technologies is currently available ranging from simple ‘look and see’ operations to highly sophisticated computer algorithms trained to detect incidents. To learn more about how drowning detection systems work, read our guide and discover the solutions we offer.

Now that we’ve defined DDS, how can a safety system make your facilities smarter?

Making your facilities smarter

Nobody knows your business better than you. You rely on your experience, thorough knowledge of your customers and intuition fledged over decades in the industry. Now imagine, if you could extend that to your facilities. Imagine if your facilities could tell you what is happening within your venue.

DDS can help you manage access to facilities and notify key staff when unauthorised access occurs. Whether intentionally or not, users going into unlifeguarded pools creates significant risk for themselves and you. Smart facilities will let you know if someone is in the pool before an accident happens.

Making Pools Smarter

Pool operation is expensive, beyond the pool maintenance costs, making sure that you have the right number of staff is critical. From managing peak times to lone-bather risks, the decisions you make about your staffing can lead to unnecessary risk. Now imagine if your pool can provide you with the answers to the following questions:

  • How many people are in the pool?
  • When during the day/week/month is your pool most popular?
  • In a crowded pool, is any user experiencing difficulties?

By incorporating DDS within your operations, you will be able to make data-driven decisions about your staffing and operation of the pool. Learn more about how we can help you take the guesswork out of your lifeguarding rota.

Helping your staff work smarter

We have talked about technology – but how can DDS support your staff and the way they work? Your staff carry out a range of functions throughout the day, their attention is naturally split between monitoring the pool, assisting customers and maintaining the premises. How can they reasonably know when and where their attention is needed most? According to the latest research report from ukactive, lifeguards working on-premises with DDS reported the following benefits:

  • DDS provided the extra help for when the pool was very busy
  • Ensured that all pool users were monitored
  • Reduced blind spots
  • Alerted all trained staff to issues
  • Addressed glare issues

For the full list of benefits read the full report here. If you are still not convinced, one of our recent clients outlined the benefits her team experienced:

My team need to be everywhere and do a million things all at once. Having a DDS allows us to do exactly that and concentrate on providing our customers with the best experience while having peace of mind and extra pair of ‘eyes’ on the pool.

Sarah Humphreys, Leisure & Spa Manager, Deansgate Square

Are you looking to future-proof your leisure business?

Drowning Detection Systems can be tailored to fit your and your business’ needs. When introducing any new technology, it is important to understand what your concerns and needs are. At SPSC we have over two decades of experience delivering innovative solutions aimed specifically at the Leisure Industry. We work closely with you to ensure that the solution you get will not only serve your needs of today but prepare you for tomorrow. To learn more about how we can help you future proof your business simply get in touch.

How can we help you?

At SPSC (UK), we are committed to helping you reduce risks of drowning and injury while improving your operations. Think of us as part of your team, we will combine decades of industry experience and expertise with the latest technological advancements to help you achieve your operational and safety objectives.

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