Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel – AngelEye Installation

The Project

The Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel is a luxurious sea-side spa hotel, featuring an expansive gym, spa area and two pools. The West Cliff takes pride in their state-of-the-art facilities, and aspired to create the safest hotel swimming pool in Bournemouth – an admirable target which had naturally produced a few barriers to overcome.

Scope: The West Cliff Hotel aspired to have the safest hotel swimming pool in Bournemouth, this admirable goal was supported by the installation of AngelEye systems to provide full coverage both above and below water.

Location: West Cliff, Bournemouth

Our aim was to become the safest hotel swimming pool in Bournemouth but we had challenges to overcome to make this a low risk environment. We considered other drowning detection systems but the AngelEye system addressed all our criteria.

Alasdair Swan, Manager, Bournemouth West Cliff

Our Solution

One pool had utilised natural lighting to enhance the ambience, one challenge associated to natural light being the glare produced on the water surface. To help the West Cliff accomplish their goal of becoming the ‘safest hotel swimming pool in Bournemouth’, an AngelEye system was installed. This non-invasive technology allowed the West Cliff to maintain the sun soaked atmosphere, whilst also providing the highest level of care to visitors.

The West Cliffs spa pool aims to create a relaxed environment through darker lighting juxtaposed with colourful wall markings; which can also create a challenging environment for drowning detection. It was important to provide the highest level of care to swimmers, without compromising the unique aesthetic of the build.

The service from SPSC(UK) was very good and we have established an excellent working relationship with their team. The system meets all our expectations and the benefits are the ease of use and monitoring and that we receive the AngelEye updates to the system. It has given us a secure backup to our monitoring processes and is an invaluable health and safety asset.

Alasdair Swan, Manager, Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel

The Bournemouth West Cliff is just one example of a pool owner who wished to provide the safest experience for visitors, without compromising their architectural vision. SPSC (take pride in our ability to work with clients to provide bespoke technological solutions, to assist with drowning prevention.) Combining decades of experience with cutting edge technology, we are confident we can provide a solution for you, for more information, visit:

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