York Sports Village – AngelEye Installation

York Sports Village was opened to the public in 2012, providing the community with a gym, health suite and pool. This project was a very modern build, the aim being to provide a premium fitness experience, from the design of the building to the calibre of the equipment provided.

Ultimately, it was the aesthetic of the building that had caused operational issues for the client. The extensive glazing of the building created an airy and modern ambience but posed a significant challenge to the responders. The glare from the windows significantly decreased responders’ visibility and increased the risk of delayed response.

Scope: SPSC addressed crucial visibility challenges and optimised response time by introducing AngelEye System into the York Sport Pool.

Location: York, United Kingdom

The service we have received from SPSC (UK) has been very good I was most satisfied with their installation process. The system was installed overnight with the team using diving equipment. This meant there was no loss of service during install. I feel we have a very good working relationship with SPSC (UK)and have got to know the team very well, during the design and installation period.

Ashley Smith, Operations Manager, York Sport Village

Our Solution:

York Sports Village faces several pain points as a result of aesthetic choices:

  •  Reduced responders’ efficiency
  •  Increased risk and operational costs, as more responders were required. 

Upon examining the pool, we recommended the AngelEye system to the client. By introducing drowning detection technology, the clients were able to reduce their operational cost and risk of drowning. Most importantly, the responders’ performance was enhanced through underwater cameras.

With the pool having already been built, the SPSC team had utilised diving equipment to install the system overnight, to ensure no disruption to operating hours was caused. After the installation, SPSC provided responders and operational team with comprehensive training on the new system. 

There has been a strong commitment from SPSC to deliver what is an excellent product and for York Sport to be able to realise its full potential on a daily basis. This has been achieved and we believe we are in a stronger position in terms of our pool operation as a result.

Keith Morris, Head of Sport, York Sport Village

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When working on existing pools, we are happy to tailor our installation times to minimise any disruption to your working hours and ensure that your visitors can start benefiting from Drowning Detection Technology as soon as possible.

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