SPSC are proud to represent AngelEye Ltd as exclusive UK & Ireland distributors. 

AngelEye is the worlds most advanced automated drowning detection system for all types of swimming pools. A typical system would have optical devices mounted below water which relay information about the swimmer's behaviour and location back to a central server.  In some instances optical devices are mounted above water to enhance the system further or used in isolation for smaller pools with low bather loads.

If the system detects a person in a potentially dangerous situation that might require assistance, an alarm is generated and sent to a Palm Device or Smart Watch held by the lifeguards or responders. The Palm Device or Smart Watch will display a visual image of the swimmer and show a location where the alarm was generated.  Images are stored on the main server for up to 14 days and in accordance with the cctv data protection laws.

All systems are connected to the AngelEye Secure Server which constantly monitors the integrity and performance of all installations and will also upload software upgrades when they are issued. 

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Benefits of AngelEye

Highest level of pool safety

Proven technology

Potential overhead cost reduction

Enhances existing supervision regimes

Freedom of movement for lifeguards

Gives early warning to lifeguards or responders

Overcomes difficulties of vision.

Decreased rescue response time

All pool users monitored continually

Fully automated system



  • Optional LED light combined with Optical Device
  • Can be used for Access Control
  • More than one pool can be included on one system
  • Palm Devices or Smart Watches for lifeguards or responders


  • ’After considering how best to address glare issues affecting our pools we engaged with SPSC UK LTD who introduced us to the AngelEye technology.

    It appeared to offer a comprehensive solution to the issues we were encountering and to provide a system that could best assist our lifeguards, pool managers and support pool use by our customers.

    The technology was new to the UK and a close working partnership with SPSC and especially with Angel Eye Italy was beneficial in ironing out any issues and managing expectation towards a soft launch, since then the system has been effective in delivering what was desired of it.

    There has been a strong commitment from all parties to deliver what is an excellent product and for York Sport to be able to realise its full potential on a daily basis. This has been achieved and we believe we are in a stronger position in terms of our pool operation as a result.”


    Keith Morris - Head of Sport - York Sport / University of York

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