Award-winning Pool Safety Specialists At SPSC, we combine decades of industry experience with cutting edge technology to help pool operators achieve the highest standards of safety and operational excellence. We develop a thorough understanding of your operational and safety needs and tailor our solutions to help you reach your objectives.
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Drowning is the 3rd unintentional cause of death worldwide.

Drowning claims a shocking 372,000 lives each year globally. Recreational activities like swimming account for 45% of drownings in the UK.

With ever-increasing popularity and accessibility of swimming, pool owners and operators are under increasing pressure to meet stricter pool safety and operations guidelines.

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Even in undisturbed water conditions, responders can find it difficult to see a submerged swimmer at the bottom of the pool.


Lone bathers pose the highest risk to themselves, especially in unlifeguarded pools in hotels and residential complexes.


TIme is of the essence when it comes to lifesaving and every second counts, using a drowning detection system provides an efficient early warning.

Our Solution

At SPSC, we combine decades of industry experience with cutting edge drowning detection technology. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with any pool from hotels and residential complexes, to leisure and local authority pools.

We help you introduce systems like AngelEye, which provides continuous supervision of all swimmers beneath water surface and alerts staff to a swimmer that may be in imminent danger.

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Enhanced Pool Safety – AngelEye cameras are mounted below water and track all swimmers activities simultaneously.

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Regulatory Compliance – we help you assess your operational requirements and achieve compliance to safety guidelines such as HSG179 (2018).

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Operational Excellence – alarms generated are sent directly to a Smart Watch providing freedom of movement for responders.

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An ever-increasing number of pools rely on our knowledge and expertise to keep their swimmers safe.
We are proud to help businesses integrate the latest in drowning detection technology and achieve unsurpassed safety standards.

How can we help you?

At SPSC (UK), we are committed to helping you reduce risks of drowning and injury while improving your operations. Think of us as part of your team, we will combine decades of industry experience and expertise with the latest technological advancements to help you achieve your operational and safety objectives.

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