Leisure Pool Safety

Keep your visitors safe
and support your lifeguards.

Leisure Pools pose unique challenges for lifeguards such as complex shapes, multiple blindspots, turbulent water, water features and specular reflection. We help you tackle these challenges and achieve your safety objectives.
Support your lifeguards and keep them mobile during busiest times. By introducing systems like AngelEye we help you keep your visitors safe and you’re lifeguards mobile.

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Why work with SPSC

Our senior management team at SPSC have more than 20 years of experience in integrating technology with aquatic safety.

We have a complete understanding of pool construction, operation and management. It is with this unrivalled experience that we can impart specialist advice on how technology can integrate with buildings, and more importantly operational procedures.


Regulatory Compliance – we help you assess your operational requirements and achieve compliance to local safety guidelines such as HSG179 (2018).

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Versatile Solutions – our systems work with pools of any shape and type. By introducing underwater monitoring we eliminate the challenges of pool supervision

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Smart Alerts – your lifeguards and responders are likely to carry out additional duties during their shifts. AngelEye system will send an alert directly to their smart watch if a swimmer is in imminent danger.

Regulatory Compliance

Whilst there maybe no specific swimming pool health and safety laws in your region it usually comes under Best Practice Guidelines, in the UK we refer to the document produced by the Health & Safety Executive titled Managing Health & Safety in Swimming Pools (HSG179), a document which we can help you conform to.


Risk Management Assistance – we will review your operational procedures and help you integrate drowning detection systems to help you achieve your safety objectives.


Systems Staff Training – to aid your compliance with the guidelines we provide training on our systems to all relevant staff ensuring that you are protected.

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How can we help you?

At SPSC, we are committed to delivering pool safety solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs and helping you accomplish regulatory and operational excellence.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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